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See WebSBA in action! Several demonstration web sites have been created to show how WebSBA can integrate your accounting, production, and e-commerce needs. More...

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Online Demos

We have created the following websites to demonstrate the capabilities of WebSBA in a diverse industry environment. You may visit the site of your interesr and place an order in this demo. To enter WebSBA however you need an ID and password. Go to sign up.

This is link opens a sample online computer store in a new window. To return close the new window. In this example, computer parts are assembled into complete systems which are then for sale on the web.

This link opens a sample online restaurant in a new window. To return close the new window. It applies to any restaurant, Food Catering, Fast Food, Family Restaurant, can use WebSBA as a total solution to:     Point of Sale (POS)   For installation onto an in store server. E- Commerce. Publish an existing menu on the web with product description and product pictures. Receive orders on-line and provide for customers to follow up on their orders. Place orders with vendors, Share financial data with your CPA. Accounting. Access, review and process business accounting data possibly share with a CPA the financial position of the business on-line. Production Management. Prepare a recipe for all or selected dishes. Use that recipe to control yield and compute ideal food cost. Use the recipe along with a forecast of sales for time phased inventory ordering. If you have no formal recipe, use a computed food cost and product mix based on usage (Beginning Inventory PLUS Purchases LESS- ending Inventory EQUALS usage) to compute average cost yields and product mix.

This link opens a sample flower shop in a new window. To return close the new window.Track your costs efficiently using bill of material "recipies." Design arrangements and sell them on the web.

Providing an online catalog for your resellers and customers can potentially increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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